At Carnegie, you receive retirement benefits through two separate defined contribution plans managed by TIAA_CREF. Under these plans, you have the ability to make certain investment decisions. These two plans, taken together, are designed to provide retirement support for employees.


  • You automatically become a participant in a Carnegie Institution Retirement Plan on your first day of employment. The Institution makes a monthly contribution to your retirement account, the amount which is based on y our age and is a percentage of your salary from 10 to 20 percent, increasing yearly as you grow older.
    • You are also automatically enrolled in a plan (Supplemental Retirement Annuity, or 403-B plan) that is funded through a payroll deduction. The default option for your contributions under this plan is 2% of your salary. You also have the option not to be automatically enrolled. To do so, complete the enrollment form and submit $0.

    Basic information concerning the retirement plan and to enroll automatically, please visit the TIAA-CREF website designed for Carnegie employees here. More details about the Carnegie Institution Retirement plan are available in the Summary Plan Description. Your attention is also directed to the following notice: Default Investment Option.

    Enrollment in the SRA plan is automatic, but you must complete the Enrollment Form for SRA Plan. Your attention is also directed to 403 B plan - Notice of Availability, Automatic Enrollment Provision. However, if you wish to invest more or less than 2% of your salary, or you do not which to participate in the plan, you must complete a Salary Reduction Agreement. Please visit the TIAA-CREF website for Carnegie Employees to complete the enrollment form and the Salary Reduction Agreement.

    More details about the Carnegie Institution Tax Deferred Annuity plan (SRA) are available here: TDA Summary Plan Description.

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