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Payroll & W2 Information


To access your paycheck and W-2 information online, please visit the ADP member site.  Instructions for registering at the ADP member site can be found in this Instructions Document(Carnegie Google Account Required).

Travel Insurance

If you are traveling on Institution business, the Institution insures you against accidental death or dismemberment under the Institution's group policy.

Salary Reduction Agreement

A Supplemental Retirement(SRA) is a way to have an additional tax-deferred retirement account. In order to start an SRA, you request in writing that part of your salary be deposited with Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association, College Retirement Equities Fund (TIAA CREF) as a premium for an SRA Contract. In doing so, you are, in effect, entering into an agreement with the Institution to "reduce" your salary and contribute an amount equal to the "reduction" to your SRA Contract.

Long Term Disability

Employees may be eligible for long term disability benefits, if it is suspected that an ongoing illness or medical condition may be severe enough, to keep them absent from work for a period of at least six consecutive months.

The Benefits of the Long Term Disability Policy is attached in the booklet below: