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A New Kind of Wellness Program Made to Fit Your Way of Life ~ BurnAlong.

BurnAlong is a health and wellness platform who partners with on-site and local gyms, studios, instructors, and wellness professionals, to bring the best classes, programs, and social experience to help individuals to achieve their health and wellness goals.

The BurnAlong Solution

  • Choice and Diversity: Thousands of live and on-demand classes & wellness programs, mirroring the diversity of our workforce 
  • Social Connection: Real life motivation from friends, family & co-workers you invite to join in live private group classes.
  • Personalization: Machine learning for guidance. Access anytime, anywhere - via smartphones, tablets, computers, & smart TVs.

Ready to Start your new fitness journey? - Visit the employee BurnAlong site to register 

BurnAlong also offers health and wellness programs in addition to fitness programs. Programs range from one week to 60-day programs. Take classes alone or (very popular) you can also invite friends and family to join you live--see and hear each other while taking classes together. These services are available free of charge to four (4) of your friends and/or family members.

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