Critical Illness Insurance

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Guardian Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance provides employees an affordable protection from the financial hardship that may accompany a critical illness. If you suffer a critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, or stroke, your financial burden may include many expenses not covered by medical insurance. Everyday bills such as rent, or mortgage will have to be paid, even though your income may be compromised. You may have to travel to a treatment center in another city. And even with the best medical insurance, you’ll still be responsible for copays and more.

How does critical illness insurance work?

Covered employees receive a lump-sum benefit upon first or second diagnosis of a covered illness or condition such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, and others.

What can critical illness insurance be used for?

The cash benefit can be used any way the employee wishes—from paying medical copays and deductibles, to covering everyday expenses such as mortgage payments, groceries, and utilities.

A serious illness can have serious financial consequences, even if you have health insurance. Watch the video below to earn how you can reduce financial burdens with critical illness insurance.

How does Critical Insurance work?


Critical Illness Insurance Documents

Please see the attached documents below for more specific information about Guardian Critical Illness Insurance.