Dental Plans

Delta Dental

Delta Dental Plan Options

Carnegie employees can choose from two Delta Dental plans that offer different levels of coverage and different ways of choosing a dentist.

Delta Dental HMO

  • Coverage for In-Network dentists only
  • Basic fee-for-service plan
  • Lower annual maximum benefit
  • A primary dentist must be selected, either by the employee or by Delta Dental. 

Delta Dental PPO

  • Coverage for In-Network or Out-of-Network dentists
  • Includes two (2) In-Networks of coverage: PPO and Premier PPO Network. 
  • Out-of-network coverage available only up to the allowed benefit
  • Orthodontia coverage for adults & children

Plan Coverage

Dental care coverage for both plans:

  • Includes diagnostic and preventive checkups and cleanings
  • Includes coverage for basic services such as fillings, sealants, and removal of teeth, etc.
  • Includes major services such as crowns, dentures and root canals
  • Provides benefits through Delta Dental's network of dentists

~Choosing an in-network dentist is the most effective use of both dental plans.

When an out-of-network dentist is chosen, employees are responsible up to the full charge.~

Plan Services

Delta Dental plans provide a broad array of dental services, but like many plans, there are certain exclusions and limitations as well as amounts you must pay out-of-pocket.  If you have any questions about whether certain procedures will be covered, contact Delta Dental directly.

  • Delta Dental (HMO) – 800-422-4234
  • Delta Dental (PPO) – 800-932-0783


Visit the Delta Dental website to find a dentist that is right for you.