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The Employee Assistance Program is here to help you, and your family, get the most out of life. Carnegie provides employees and family members with free, comprehensive support through the Optum Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Who is Eligible?

  • Employee (member) - A person actively employed or on short-term leave
  • Dependent Children - Children who are dependents of the member
  • Student - Dependent children attending school
  • Spouse/domestic partner - Legally married spouse of an active employee/member
  • Household members - Those residing in the eligible member’s home
  • Disabled employee (member) - Members who are on disability as defined by the employer.

How Does it Work?

The EAP is available 24 hours a day.  Simply call (800) 468-8369.   A specialist will help you identify the nature of your problem and connect you to the appropriate resources to address it -- whether it's a clinician, counselor, mediator, lawyer or financial advisor.  If you want to see a clinician, you will be matched to with one in the network who has the appropriate experience to help. Employees have the option to take advantage of short-term counseling or get a referral for more extended care. Optum will make every effort to accommodate any gender, language or cultural preferences.

How Much Will This Benefit Cost?

As part of your benefits, EAP services are available at no extra cost to you. This includes referrals, seeing in-network clinicians, access to liveandworkwell.com and initial consultations with mediators or financial and legal experts. Want to retain a lawyer after your consultation? You’ll get a 25% discount.

Connecting Online

For 24-hour, confidential access to your EAP benefits and tools to help you enhance your work, health and life, your and your family can simply visit liveandworkwell.com.   

You can check your EAP benefits information and submit online requests for services, search their database for childcare, nursing home care resources, search the online directory of clinicians, access information and resources for hundreds of everyday work and life issues in one of the many virtual help centers, and participate in interactive, customizable self-improvement programs.

Are Services Confidential?

Your personal records will not be shared with Carnegie or anyone else.  All records, including medical information, referrals and evaluations, are kept confidential in accordance with federal and state laws.

Specialists are ready to help with the small questions and the big problems, and everything in-between, such as:

  • Managing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Improving relationships at home or work
  • Addressing legal and financial concerns
  • Getting the most out of your career
  • Finding child development, childcare or elder care resources
  • Getting past emotional issues or grief
  • Addressing substance abuse issues

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