Prescription Benefits

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Prescription Drug Benefits

When you enroll in one of the Aetna medical plan options, you’ll automatically have prescription drug coverage through Express Scripts. This program uses a  “four (4) -tier” co-payment approach to covered drugs and is designed to control cost for you and the plan.

  • Tier 1 includes primarily generic drugs (smallest copayment)
  • Tier 2 includes formulary drugs (middle copayment)
  • Tier 3 includes brand formulary drugs (highest copayment)
  • Tier 4 includes specialty drugs


Aetna RX Home Delivery

Aetna offers a home delivery service for drugs used to treat long-term conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. You can get up to a 90-day supply of medicine by mail.

Aetna Home Delivery Brochure 

Aetna Specialty Pharmacy

Aetna Specialty Pharmacy® medicine and support services is a mail-order pharmacy that dispenses specialty drugs. These drugs treat chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer.


  • Mail delivery to your home, doctor’s office, or anywhere you choose
  • Safe handling, secure packaging, and quick delivery, plus free standard shipping
  • Tips and training on how to self-administer injectable drugs, and cope with possible side effects
  • Ongoing support from a team of specialists to help you stick with your care plan

Aetna Specialty Pharmacy Brochure