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Short-Term Disability (STD) an elective benefit option with Unum. Employees have the option to elect this short-term disability plan at their own expense. This is an employee paid, benefit election offered by Unum and will provide coverage to employees in the event they experience a disability and are awaiting long-term disability benefits. These additional benefits help protect your family's financial security in the event of illness or serious injury.

New employees can elect coverage without completing an Evidence of Insurability (EOI) form. If you are a current employee electing coverage for the first time, either during open enrollment or due to a life event change, the cost of coverage will not be calculated until your EOI is submitted and approved.


Short-Term Disability insurance may cover a variety of conditions and injuries, including but not limited to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Joint disorders
  • Digestive disorders


UNUM STD Coverage Offers the Following:

  • Employees will receive 60% of your weekly salary up to a maximum of $2,500 per week, for up to thirteen (13) weeks, depending on the disability.
  • There is a 7-day elimination period on Illness.
  • There is a pre-existing condition limitation for anything you consulted with a physician on, were treated for or took prescription medications for in the three (3) months prior to electing this plan. Those pre-existing conditions would be excluded for 12 months.
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If you have elected Short-Term Disability coverage, you will need to register on the UNUM website. Click here to register.

UNUM's 2022 STD Benefit Summary

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