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Carnegie has partnered with Hartford to offer business travel accident services for employees engaged in international business travel through International Medical Group (IMG). The assistance includes medical, security, and personal services to employees and their families while traveling on business, including important pre-trip information to keep you updated and well prepared. Make sure you print the information and contact details before your trip and download the TravelKit App. Please see the information below (and the attachment) for additional details.

This travel assistance is intended as a resource for catastrophic or emergency situations. This is not health insurance coverage while abroad, but rather services that could be employed in the event of a catastrophic event or emergency.  If such an event should occur, then an employee must notify Human Resources and the Office of General Counsel immediately in case we need to file a claim on the employee's behalf.
Travel accident services include:
·       Emergency political evacuation & repatriation
·       Natural disaster evacuation
·       Country and city risk ratings and profiles
·       Health, medical, safety and security reports by location
·       Embassy and consular referrals
·       Real-time news and security alerts
·       General travel information
Please contact the Office of General Counsel at with any questions.