2022 Open Enrollment

2022 Benefits Open Enrollment

The Annual Open Enrollment Period is November 1 - November 17, 2021.

Take time during Open Enrollment to review your personal information, the benefits being offered by Carnegie, and the plans you are enrolled in, to determine if you would like to make any changes. Carnegie continues to provide a robust offering of general and elective benefits available to our eligible employees. We are constantly looking for ways to improve those offerings to ensure we remain competitive and you have a variety of options to choose from.

To learn more about the benefits available to your and your family, please take the time to review the 2022 Open Enrollment Guide.

You can select a benefit to explore via the side menu on the right, or plan to attend one of the 2022 Open Enrollment Virtual Information Sessions. Miss one of the information sessions? Don't worry---come back to this page as the sessions will be recorded and one will be made available during the Open Enrollment period. 


What's New?

Healthcare Benefit Rates Have Changed!

You can expect to see a slight increase in the medical benefit rates for the 2022 benefit plan year. View 2022 rates here. Rates for Dental and Vision healthcare coverages remain the same for the  2022 plan year.

WEX is our new Spending Account (FSA/DCFSA) and Savings Account (HSA) Vendor 

Effective January 1, 2022, Carnegie's Healthcare Flexible Spending (FSA), Dependent Care FSA and Health Saving Accounts (HSA) will be managed by WEX. Employees that have claims incurred this year will be able to use your Benefit Strategies FSA funds by submitting for reimbursement no later than March 31, 2022. You will still be able to use the Benefit Strategies portal and/or claim for to submit your request.

What can I do with my 2021 Health Savings Account (HSA) funds for 2022?

Remember that you own your HSA account! Carnegie will no longer make contributions to any existing accounts after December 31st. When you make your HSA elections for 2022 during Open Enrollment, you will be automatically enrolled into a new HSA account, managed by WEX. 

  • If you currently have funds in your HSA account managed by Benefit Strategies, you can plan to spend down those funds;
  • If you have funds in your HSA managed by Benefit Strategies, you can transfer any of those funds to WEX using the HSA Distribution Request Form

2022 Open Enrollment is an Passive Enrollment 

What does this mean? If you do not have any changes to make to your benefit elections, your current elections will be rolled over for 2022.  However, federal regulations require employees with a spending account (FSA Health or FSA Dependent Care) to re-enroll each year, even if you do not have any changes to your medical, dental or vision elections--even if the contribution amount is the same. Prior year HSA, FSA Health and/or Dependent Care spending account elections, will not rollover.

Open Enrollment will once again be conducted online. Login to your Ceridian Dayforce account to elect benefit coverage for the 2022 plan year. 

As always, the Open Enrollment period is your opportunity to elect new benefits, drop and/or modify your current benefit elections.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Adding or removing eligible dependents
  • Changing medical or dental plan options
  • Enrolling in health or dependent care savings accounts
  • Adding or updating life insurance elections
  • Enrolling or dropping elective benefits such as LifeLock, MetLaw, Accident Insurance and more

Any changes you make to your benefits during Open Enrollment will take effect on January 1, 2022.

Additional General Healthcare Offerings

Last year we expanded our offerings of general medical care resources and have arranged to continue those resources for the 2022 plan year. In addition to services such as Health Advocate and Teledoc, we've offer a number of award-winning services with your well-being in mind:

  • One Medical. A concierge medical practice that provides service in 10 cities -- including Washington, DC. Los Angeles, and the San Francisco Bay Area -- by phone or in person.
  • TalkSpace. Accessible 24/7, allows users access to professional, personal and confidential online therapy with a series of three (3) prepaid sessions.
  • BurnAlong. Provides you with access to fitness and health & wellness programs ranging form one week to 60 days. Partners with local gyms, studios, instructors and wellness professionals.
  • GreenSpring Financial Services. Advisors can help you create a financial roadmap to chart the best route to achieve your financial goals. You'll have on-demand access to a team of Certified Financial Planners and online resources including access to 200+ videos, webinars and articles.
  • UNUM Short-Term Disability. A benefit that provides income protection in the event of illness or serious injury. This employee paid, elective benefit is available to eligible regular employees.

Carnegie provided resources through our Employee Assistance Program or EAP, managed by Optum. The Optum EAP offers confidential support for managing the stressors in your life--workplace concerns, anxiety & depression, parenting and family needs, sleep issues, substance abuse...and more. 

What If I Don't Want to Change My Current Benefit Coverage?

If you do not have any changes to make to your benefit elections, your current elections will be rolled over for 2022. Remember, there are certain benefits that federal regulation require employees to enroll each year. If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or a Dependent Care (DCFSA), you must enroll in these accounts annually per IRS requirements. Prior year spending account elections, will not rollover.


When Will I Get My New Medical, Dental or Vision ID Card?

  • You will only receive a new medical ID if you are enrolling in a plan for the first time. Register on the Aetna website and you can print your card from there.
  • All medical plan enrollees will receive an Express Scripts (pharmacy) ID card. Like your medical plan card, this ID card should be kept with you at all times.
  • You will not receive ID cards for the dental and vision plans. At the time of service, you will provide the plan provider name and your identifying information (date of birth and social security number) to your service provider and they will locate your plan.  You can also print a card from the provider website.
  • If you need medical attention before receiving your ID card, contact hr@carnegiescience.edu for plan assistance.


How To Enroll

Follow these steps to enroll in your 2022 Carnegie benefits:

1. Read the Benefits Open Enrollment Guide and Understand the Changes. 

The 2022 Open Enrollment Guide contains important information about changes for 2022, as well as your existing benefits. Take a look at the 2022 Rate Sheet to review your 2022 plan options and costs and make use of the education and benefit plan enrollment resources on this website. 


2. Decide If You Need to Enroll

  • This year, Open Enrollment will be a passive enrollment. What does this mean? If you do not have any changes to make to your benefit elections, your current medical, vision, dental benefit coverage elections will rollover from 2021 to 2022.  (Note: this does not include your FSA or HSA elections. Current contribution amounts will not rollover).
  • If you are making changes to your existing medical, dental, and/or vision benefit coverage, you must login to Ceridian Dayforce beginning November 1st to make your elections.
  • If you have a Health Care FSA, Dependent Care FSA or HSA, you must actively enroll annually, per IRS regulations. 

3. Verify Dependents and Beneficiaries

Open Enrollment is a good time to verify that your enrolled dependents are still eligible for coverage and to review your beneficiary designations.

  • Dependent verification is required for any NEW dependents added to your coverage for 2022.
  • For all NEW dependents added to your coverage, you have 25 days to submit dependent verification information through Ceridian Dayforce:
    • Login to Dayforce and Select "Forms"
    • Complete the Life Event Declaration form
  • If you currently have existing covered dependents that have previously been verified, then no action on your part is required.  

4. Enroll

Follow these steps to enroll in your 2022 Carnegie benefits in Dayforce:

  • Login to Ceridian Dayforce
  • Go to the Benefits menu and click on Start Enrollment
  • Read the annual open enrollment statement and then click Next.
  • Complete your Profile Forms (Dependents, Beneficiaries, etc.).
  • Review, compare and select your benefits.
  • Follow the instructions to enroll in the plans you choose.
  • Confirm your benefit selections and click on Submit Enrollment.
  • Review the summary of your elections and your deductions for 2022.
  • Review and print the summary as confirmation.

Click here to view the Ceridian Open Enrollment How to Elect Benefits Guide.

As you proceed with making your Open Enrollment elections, it is really important that you read the instructions set forth on each of the Open enrollment pages in Dayforce as they contain information with regards to enrollment / changes to benefits.