b'Healthcare ElectionsVISIONCOVERAGECarnegie offers vision coverage through EyeMed. EyeMed offers coverage for many of your vision care needs. This includes in-network annual eye exams, glasses, and contact lenses. It also offers coverage for scratch-resistant coating, anti-reflective coating, and polycarbonate and progressive multi-functional lenses. This plan also provides discounts for a second pair of glasses and other services.In-network Out-of-networkEye Exam $10 copay Member reimbursed up to $40(once every 12 months)AND either Glasses Single Vision - $25 copaySingle - Member reimbursed up to $30LensesBifocal - $25 copayBifocal - Member reimbursed up to $50(one pair every 12 months)Trifocal - $25 copayTrifocal - Member reimbursed up to $70 Standard Progressive - $90 copayStandard Progressive - Member reimbursed up to $50Frames $0 copay, $130 allowance,Member reimbursed up to $91(once every 12 months) 20% off balance over $130OR Lens Fitting/Evaluation Exam and ContactsConventional: $0 copay, $110 allowance, 15% off balance over $110 Conventional: Member reimbursed up to $88Contact Lenses Disposable: $0 copay, $110 allowance, Disposable: Member reimbursed up to $88plus balance over $110Medically Necessary: $0 copay, paidMedically Necessary: Member reimbursed up to $210in fullBenefit Costs (These costs are per pay period)Employee Only $2.85Two-Party $5.41Family $7.9410'