b"Healthcare ElectionsFLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNTS (FSA)Healthcare FSA Limited-Purpose FSA Dependent Care FSA(Gold Plan Enrollees only)Eligible medical,Eligible dental, andEligibledependentcare prescription, drug,vision expensesthatexpenses(e.g.daycarecenters dental, and visionare not covered byandeldercarecenters)for expenses that are notchildren under age 13, disabled What itcovered by youryour plans.children,disabledparents,a Pays For healthcare plans,Note: IRS rules preventdisabledspouseorother including deductiblesrelatives who qualify under the employees who openIRScode,sothatyouand/or and copays, eyeglassesenroll in the Gold Planyourspousecanworkoutside and contact lenses,(HSA) fromthe home or attend school. and hearing aids. particpating in the Healthcare FSA Note: All employees (regardless ofmedicalplanchoice)can participateintheDependent Care FSA.Use your FSA debit card to pay for eligibleSubmit a claim for for reimbursement after services How itexpenses at your local pharmacy or doctor'shave been received and paid. office. When you use your FS debit card, eligible Works expenses are deducted directly from your FSA,In order for your dependent so there is no need to file a claim, however,care FSA contributions to be always save your receipts in case you do need toconsidered eligible for verify an expense. If you don't use your FSAreimbursement, your debit card, you'll need to pay for services usingprovider must claim your another method, and then submit a claim formpayments as taxable income. for reimbursement. Because the tax rules are complex and are based on calendar year expenses, you may want to consult a tax advisor for assistance13"