b'General Healthcare ServicesIT`S IMPOSSIBLE TO BE STRESSEDWHEN THINGSARE GOING WELL.TRUE OR FALSE?FALSE.EVEN GOOD THINGSCAN CAUSE STRESS.OPTUM EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP)Stress is a necessary part of life. And sometimes it comes from positive things such as a new baby or big job promotion. Once the excitement wears off, the worries can settle in.How does it work? Whats a clinician? How much does this cost?Call to speak with a specialist who will listen toA clinician may be aAs part of your benefits, EAP services your needs and connect you to the appropriatepsychologist or masters-are available at no extra cost to you. This resource, whether its a clinician, counselor,level specialist trained inincludes referrals, seeing in-network mediator, lawyer, or financial advisor. You cansocial work, professionalclinicians, access to liveandworkwell.com, either take advantage of short-termcounseling, or family andand initial consultations with mediators or counseling or get a referral for more extendedmarriage therapy. financial and legal experts. Want to retain care. And, well try our best to accommodatea lawyer after your consultation? Youll any gender, language, or cultural preferences. get a 25% discount.What other resources are available?You and your family also have 24-hour private access to liveandworkwell.com.If youd like help adjusting to aThis interactive website offers tools and resources to help you enhance yournew normal, the Optum EAP offers work, health, and life. On the site, you can: confidential support for managing: Check your benefit informationStress, anxiety & depression Submit online service requestsParenting & family needs Search the online clinician directory Use our virtual help centers to find information and resources for hundreds ofWorkplace concernseveryday work and life issuesSleep issues Access financial calculators, legal articles, and other toolsSubstance abuse Search our databases for childcare, nursing homes ,and other local resources Participate in interactive, customizable self-improvement programs Any member of your household can use liveandworkwell.com, even childrenliving away from homeREAL PEOPLE. REAL LIFE. REAL SOLUTIONS.|YOUR EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM 800-468-8369|OR LOG ON TO LIVEANDWORKWELL.COM|ACCESS CODE: CIW19'