b'Financial ServicesRETIREMENT BENEFITSWhile you are able to update your contributions to your TIAA accounts at any time during the year, the Open Enrollment period is a good time to review your contributions and plan options and make any necessary updates, i.e., beneficiaries, change of address, name change, etc. Carnegie has several options for saving: A Roth IRA contribution option. Employees are able to make after-tax retirement plan contributions You have an investment and fund menu that includes tailored best-in-class optionsRegister and set up your account on the TIAA website. From there you can elect and adjust your contribution amounts at any time during the year.403(b) plan participants are set up for the automatic increase feature. This means that, unless you opt out, your contributions will increase by 1 percent on July 1 of every year until a maximum contribution rate of 10 percent is reached.GREENSPRING FINANCIAL SERVICESCorporate Retirement | Wealth ManagementCreating a financial plan helps you see the big picture and set long- and short-term life goals. It is a crucial step in mapping out your financial future. When you have a financial plan, its easier to make financial decisions and stay on track to meet your goals.Buying a home. Saving for college. Retirement planning. We all have financial goals but often have no idea how to make them happen.Greenspring Advisors can help you create a financial roadmap to chart the best route to achieve your financial goals. Greenspring Advisors provides: Financial Planning Toolsincluding calculators to help with paying down debt, creating a budget and more On-demand access to a team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER Professionals Online resources including access to 200+ articles, videos, and webinarsTo learn more about Greenspring Advisors and the services they provide for the Carnegie community go to:https://advice.greenspringadvisors.com/support/home23'