b'Healthcare ElectionsGET TO KNOW YOUR MEDICAL OPTIONSAll plans offered through Carnegie provide care through a network of doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, and other providers.The Aetna Choice network is large and comprehensive. It consists of primary care physicians and specialists ranging from cardiologists, podiatrists, and OB/GYNs to oncologists, ophthalmologists, and orthopedists. Facilities such as hospitals, urgent care centers, and labs also belong to the network.The key to saving money and choosing the best plan for you and your family is to understand how the plans work and become an informed healthcare consumer. Make the most of your coverage and savings opportunities.YOUR 2022 AETNA MEDICAL PLAN OPTIONS:PLATINUM PLUS PLATINUM GOLDAre willing to pay a higherWant great protection but doWould like the lowest monthly monthly premium, with lower out- not want to pay the highestpremium in exchange for of-pocket costs when you utilizemonthly premium higher out-of-pocket costs when services Are willing to pay modestyou use your benefitsYou or a covered family membercopays for most servicesexpects to need extensive careAre willing to pay thePrefer to manage yourthroughout the year deductible and coinsurancehealthcare expensesthrough a Prefer to only pay a smallfor more expensive servicestriple tax-advantaged Health deductible and the lowest copayslike hospitalization and MRIs SavingsAccount (HSA)for In-Network services6'