b'Healthcare ElectionsANNUAL HSA CONTRIBUTION LIMITSThe IRS sets HSA contribution limits for each calendaryear.TheselimitsincludeCarne-gies contributions as well as any contribu-tions you make through payroll deductions.When you are age 55 or older, youre also eli-gible to make catch-up contributions which allow employees closer to retirement to save more for post-retirement medical expenses.The HSA catch-up contribution limit is $1,000.2021 $750 $1500CARNEGIE ANNUAL FOR ANNUAL FORCONTRIBUTION INDIVIDUAL COVERAGE FAMILY COVERAGECalendar Year 2021 HSA Contribution Limits*If you You & Carnegie combined may contribute up to.Have employee only coverage $3,600Cover dependents $7,200Are age 55+ and have employee only coverage* $4,600Are age 55+ and cover dependents* $8,200*Not everyone is eligible to participate in an HSA. You must be enrolled in the Gold Plan. If you are enrolled in TRICARE, Medicare Part A, or another plan that is not a high deductible health plan, you are not eligible to enroll in an HSA.*If you do not contribute the maximum, the catch-up contribution wont be as meaningful because it is meant to allow you to contribute more than the annual limit13'