b'General Healthcare ServicesAllergies Yeast infectionsVomiting Minor CutsInjuriesNow more than ever, it is important for you to have a place to turn for medical care and health information. Carnegie is pleased to announceanothernew benefit: a One Medical membership that gives you 24/7 access to reliable medical care whenever you need it. One Medical is a concierge medical practice that provides careright from your phoneand in person in 10 cities around the coun-try. For locations at which there is not a One Medical office, employees will be able to use One Medical for telemedicine as well as to locate in-person COVID-19 testing, flu shots, and other services. Carnegie covers the membership fee for your spouse/domestic partner and for your dependents.All you have to do is register and download the app.COVID-19 TestingOne Medical provides COVID-19 testing at all of its locations. Testing is by appointment and can be scheduled using the One Medical app. Testing availability is updated hourly. If you are not able to schedule testing through the app contact One Medical directly for testing options including at home testing and testing availability at non One Medical locations.Virtual In-Person CareOne Medicals virtual care can help you skip unnecessary trips to theOne Medical provides same day in-person or remote doctors office, ER, or urgent care, so you can protect your health andappointments, unlimited 24/7 chats with the virtual that of those around you. Their medical team can diagnose and treatmedical team, online appointment booking, 85+ many health issues over messages or video chat on the app. locationswithdrop-inlabs,prescriptionrenewals in Its a great way to get advice and care for things like: the app, and more.Colds, flu, and COVID-19Headaches To begin using One Medical Urinary tract infectionsSkin issues Stomach bugsPink eye 1Go to onemedical.com/mynow, click Activate now 2Enter your email address Pediatrics 3Enter the activation code CISXMED4 Select level of coverage, Myself, Spouse or adult Currently One Medical provides pediatric services at its west coast dependent membership or child membership locations only. Pediatrics for children under the age of 14 is not available in DC, MD or VA.One Medical will provide concierge5 Set up your profileservices to parents in DC, MD or VA looking for pediatric6 Download the One Medical app to your mobile physicians. They will help you to locate pediatric providers and deviceschedule appointments.15'