b'General Healthcare ServicesHEALTH ADVOCATEAetna participants have access to Health Advocates comprehensive Health Advocacy service at no cost, courtesy of Carnegie. Health Advocate is designed to help you and your family navigate healthcare and insurance-related issues, resolving problems that you may encounter.Coverage is also available to your spouse, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law and is completely confidential.The Many WaysHealth Advocate Helps Confused by Health Insurance? Dont know where to turn? We point the way. We cut through the red tape. Find the right doctors, dentists, specialists and other providersClarify benefits Schedule appointments; arrange for special treatments and testsGet to the bottom of coverage denials Locate the right treatment facilities or clinical trialsUncover billing errors Answer questions about test results, treatments and medicationsGet appropriate approvals for covered services Arrange second opinions; transfer medical recordsSupply providers with information needed to pay a claimNeed Eldercare Services?Want to Save on Healthcare Costs? Were there for you. We help find solutions. Find in-home care, adult day care, assisted living and long-term careFind options for non-covered services Clarify Medicare, Medicare Supplement plans and MedicaidNegotiate payment arrangements with providers Coordinate care among multiple providersProvide information about generic drug options Research transportation to appointmentswww.HealthAdvocate.com/ciwHealth Advocates program is NOT health insurance and is not a replacement for healthcare coverage. Instead, Health Advocate is designed to help you navigate the healthcare and health insurance systems. How? With your first call, you will be assigned your own Personal Health Advocate. Health Advocates goal is to maximize your healthcare experience without the hassles and frustrations you may typically deal with.18'