b'Income ProtectionSHORT-TERM DISABILITY COVERAGECarnegieprovidesadditionalbenefits tohelpprotect your familys financial security in the event of illness, serious injury, or death. Short-Term Disability insurance may cover a variety of conditions and injuries, including but not limited to:Pregnancy Joint disorders Digestive disordersCarnegies short-term disability plan through UNUM offers the following: Employees will receive 60% of their weekly salary up to a maximum of $2,500 per week, for up to thirteen (13) weeks,depending on the disability. There is a 7-day elimination period on Illness. There is a pre-existing condition limitation for anything you consulted with a physician on, were treated for or tookprescription medications for in the three (3) months prior to electing this plan. Those pre-existing conditions would beexcluded for 12 months.Short-Term Disability Benefit DetailsBasic weekly earningsDefinition of Earnings (based on annual earnings and excluding bonuses)Elimination PeriodAccident - 0 days (when benefit period begins) Illness - 7 daysBenefit Duration 13 weeks (including ellimination period)% of Benefit 60% of salaryMaximum Weekly Benefit $2500Minimum Weekly Benefit $25If you fail to elect voluntary coverage during open enrollment in November, you can still elect coverage with the completion ofmedical underwriting.23'