Vannevar Bush Retreat - Inverness

The Carnegie (Bush Retreat) Cabin at Inverness is a benefit for all employees, postdocs/fellows, retirees and visiting investigators of the Institution. An open reservation periods occur in November (for January-June period) and May (for July through December period).


Requests for reservations are accepted bi-annually for formal scheduling of the January through June and July through December periods.

  • January through June reservations are collected at the end of November.
  • July through December reservations are collected at the end of May.

Every weekend is booked during the year, so you are urged to follow the reservation process.

There are many weekdays open and reservations may not be as critical for weekday stays; however, if you have weekday dates in mind it is recommended to submit your reservation during the sign-up periods to guarantee you get the dates you want. Since many personnel cannot reserve during the weekdays, if you plan a weekday reservation it would be courteous if your stay were from Sunday (noon) through Friday (noon) leaving the weekends for another user. Under no circumstances will a reservation be given covering both weekends.

The reservation assignments take time since we check records to assure the policy below is followed, usually the calendars are released a week or two before the reservation period starts. Please read the policy regarding sign-up

Sign- Up Policy

At the beginning of each open reservation period, preference will be given to those who have not been to the cabin in the prior 12-month period. In order to have the cabin remain a benefit to employees, postdocs/fellows, and retirees and still extend the use privilege to visitors, predocs and students the following policy applies:

  • Employees, and postdocs/fellows should not sign-up for more than two (2) weekend periods per calendar year, with only one (1) weekend in any 6-month period.
  • Visitors, predocs and students may sign up for 1 weekend per calendar year.
  • Retirees are encouraged to take advantage of the weekdays available but may request weekends (no preference is given in assignments for retirees).
  • Weekends – This is considered noon Friday through noon Sunday. If there is no reservation following your weekend you may stay longer on Sunday or extend your stay but you MUST check with Registrar to confirm availability when picking up your key for your stay.
  • Weekdays (Mon. - Fri.) will be available to eligible personnel on a space available basis at any time after assignments from reservations have been given.
  • Cancellations - If an individual has signed up for the use of the cabin and is unable to go, he/she will be charged for use of the cabin unless that person has notified the 
  • Registrar (Business Manager at Plant Biology/Global Ecology) at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled cabin stay.
  • Reservation Trades - An individual may trade their weekend with another individual who has signed up for a different weekend during the same six-month period. However, an individual cannot give their weekend away to another Carnegie individual who has no reservation for the period. Any cancelled weekends will first be filled by those people on the waiting list, if none respond in a timely manner then the reservation will be given to the first to respond. The Registrar must be notified of all trades prior to occupancy for insurance purposes.
  • Damages - All persons using the cabin are responsible for any damages to the property beyond normal wear & tear. Failure to follow the written procedures for the cabin may result in loss of privilege for the next sign up or indefinitely. Failure to report damage will result in loss of privilege.


Keys to the cabin will be issued by the Registrar upon receipt of a check made payable to Carnegie. The Carnegie individual to whom the keys are issued MUST BE at the cabin during the reserved period of use.


$60/night x # nights(regardless of weekday or weekend)

Full payment must be made 3 days in advance of reservation

No refunds for cancellation once payment is received

Minimum 2 night stay required for weekend reservations